Our School Horses

We have a variety of excellent school horses for any student. You can progress from a very early beinner to a horse that has years of training in all disciplines

These horses are available for lessons, trail rides and leases.

The Horses

We have the finest horses.

The Horses that are part of our program have been hand-selected based on their training, disposition and their willingness to teach riders of all ages. These horses are the foundation to our success and are perhaps our most valuable asset.

Jack is the original lesson horse for our program and has been with us since 2001. He is a registered Quarter Horse, Silver Dun in color and stands about 14Hands. He has been trained in Western, Gaming, Hunt seat and trail riding, and is a wonderful mount for both beginner riders and those who enjoy a little more challenge. Very safe and concerned about his riders, Jack is a wonderful horse to get to know.


Vizon was introduced into our program in 2009 and has been a fabulous addition. He is a registered Arabian Horse, Bay in color and stands about 14 Hands. He has been trained in English Pleasure and had a very lucrative Show career when he was younger, but now he can be ridden English or Western and is happy to take care of the beginner rider, as well as those that like a little more get-up-and go. You will love to meet Vizon.


Arlo was introduced into our program in 2010 and has been one of our student’s favorite horses. He is very steady, dependable and beautiful with his lovely cream-colored mane and beautiful brown coat. Arlo is a registered Haflinger, Chestnut in color and stands about 14 Hands. He has been trained in Western and English, loves to trail ride and even does tricks! Arlo is the perfect beginner to intermediate rider’s horse, and is very gentle and kind. You will adore him when you meet him.


Tiffany was introduced into our program in 2011, transferred from our breeding program. Tiffany is the image of everyone’s vision of Black Beauty, with her rich, dark coat and the perfect diamond on her forehead. She is a registered Thoroughbred,  black in color and stands about 16 hands tall. Tiffany is very athletic and has a lot of energy, but is very kind and intelligent. She is the perfect Advanced rider’s horse, and probably one of the most beautiful on the farm.


The minis have been here from the very beginning. They are experienced in pulling carts and giving pony rides. They are also used for doing our Public Relations work. They seemed to get all the smiles from the very young to the eldest adults.


D’Artanian was introduced into our program in 2011, donated by Wildwood Farm owner Heather Carder. D’Artanian was Heather’s dressage horse and is a well-trained and talented. He is a Spanish Barb, Bay in color and stands around 15 hands tall. D’Artanian is a very good mount for the more advanced rider, and is very kind and gentle – he loves the trails too! You will fall in love with D’Artanian, a lovely boy.